It’s a fact, we can’t be home all the time. When life calls us out of the house, there are a few things you can do to increase the odds your home won’t be burglarized while you’re away. Here are some tips to always remember before leaving your house:

  1. Don’t post on social media that you are not home, or how long you will be gone for. Also refrain from posting vacation photos until you are back home.
  2. Lock all of your doors, install security film, including the dead bolts and interior garage doors that lead into you home.
  3. If you use a taxi app or an actual cab to get somewhere, get picked up near your home—not at it.
  4. If you have cameras, make sure they are operational and recording properly before you leave.
  5. Just like when leaving your vehicle parked, keep your valuables out of sight. Whether you need to draw blinds or move items, large plasma tv’s and laptop computers shouldn’t be left visible to people walking by.
  6. Let a trusted neighbor know if you are leaving for an extended period of time.
  7. Make your sliding doors more secure by placing a strong dowel, steel bar or two-by-four in the base of the sliding doors tracks.
  8. Make sure your windows are locked. You can even go an extra step and install a simple pin or nail into the frame to stop the window from raising if the lock is defeated or accidentally left unlocked.
  9. Don’t leave a spare key hidden under a floor mat or in a flower pot. Someone may see you retrieving it and thieves often know the common places to look.
  10. Secure your yard by keeping trees and bushes manicured away from windows and doors. Overgrown foliage can be a welcomed hiding place for criminals where they can take their time trying to get inside.

And lastly, notify your local authorities so deputies can drive by periodically and check on your home.

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