When you have a leaking roof, you know about problems such as water dripping down into your house, but that’s only the beginning. These are seven things that a leaky roof can cause.

1. Damage to Your Ceilings and Attic

The first dangers you’ll have from a leak in your roof is the damage that your attic area will have and any items that you’ve put there. If you don’t have an attic, or the leak is huge, it’s going to damage your interior ceiling. The paint that is affected is going to darken and the plaster might expand and bubble. The water is also going to damage the plaster and paint on the walls that are nearby. There is also going to be damage to the fans and lights mounted to your ceiling.

2. Mildew and Mold Issues Inside

A very serious problem that occurs when your roof leaks is that mildew and mold will grow. Mold is able to spread through the structure of your home, to your HVAC system and to the remainder of your house by way of the vents. This can invade furniture, clothing and carpets.

The type of mold that often happens from water leaking is black mold. The toxic type of black mold is very rare, but even when it’s not toxic it will attack your ceiling tiles, floor and wall coverings and wood frames. It’s very hard to remove and can be very costly.

3. Health Problems due to Mold

Mildew and mold can cause very serious problems with your health, especially if you have problems like rhinitis, asthma, inflammations, and nasal congestion. Mold spores will continue being produced when it’s present and they can cause asthmatic symptoms, allergic reactions, and even more severe problems with your health.

4. Fire Hazard due to Water Damage

When you have electrical wiring in your ceiling or attic, your leaking roof can cause a fire due to shorted wires. It’s highly recommended that you turn off your electricity to any affected area and call in an electrician.

5. Possibility of Slipping and Falling

When your roof is leaking badly it can cause puddles of water on your floor. You may not think that it’s a big deal, but when your family is active and you have children running through the house, this water should be mopped up so no one gets hurt.

6. Wasted Energy and Increased Utility Bills

Another problem that you can have when your roof leaks is a higher amount in utility bills. This is because it damages your insulation in your attic. Your fiberglass or cellulose insulation will become saturated and it can take a long amount of time for it to become dry. If you put off repairing your roof, this water will significantly deplete your insulation and that means your house is losing cool and hot air, which means your utility bills are going to be higher.

7. Compromised Integrity of Your Home

When your roof is leaking, it’s going to damage your rafters, wall framing, ceiling joints, and even your exterior trim and fascia boards. When it’s happening all the time it can mean that the wood is deteriorating and that rotten, weakened roof framing can cause serious problems. You’ll likely need help from a professionally licensed contractor. You also can face expensive repairs to replace your wood framing if the water’s leaking onto your walls and ceiling joists.

Wood that’s weak and spongy due to water damage can also damage your ceilings, buckle your wall coverings, and peel your paint. You’re going to have structural damage if you have a roof leak that you let go. This means that you could find that your ceiling is giving way and falling, so that anything under it is damaged. Even though a nice television or a laptop being damaged due to the ceiling falling in would be tragic, you or your child being under it could be worse.

When your roof is leaking, make sure that you are taking care of it as soon as possible. Otherwise you may find that your leaking roof is costing you a lot more than you would have ever thought.

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