If you are decorating or redecorating your room, one of the things you might have considered buying, is an area rug. Below are seven common mistakes that people make when it comes to buying an area rug.

1. Going with One That is Too Small

When you skimp on the size of the area rug, the room is going to look smaller. The rug has to set some boundaries and cause your furniture to be grounded. If you’re buying it for the living room, the rug is going to define your room’s conversation area and it needs to be big enough so your furniture’s front legs are on it at least. If you’re buying it for a bedroom, it should be possible to feel it under your feet when you’re getting out of your bed.

2. Not Giving Layering a Try

A lot of people choose rugs that are too small because they know the price is going to be less. A good idea is to buy one of the neutral jute rugs and put a patterned rug on top of it. The jute rug will be easy to clean up, even with pets or kids.

3. Not Layering Over Wall-to-Wall

You shouldn’t be afraid to try layering over your carpet. It is going to add some playfulness and will pull together the room with some boundaries that it needs.

4. Leaving the Rug Until Last

When you are decorating a room from the bare minimum, you should choose your rug first. This is the piece that will have the most impact and bring your room together. If you’ve waited until placing your last throw pillow, it’s possible you’re going to look for a long time before you find that ideal rug. Even though it’s possible to use a neutral option until you find something that’s better.

5. Being Frightened of Patterns

It’s important to have a print so that you’re creating your happy space. When you have everything all one color, your room is going to look bland and flat. So lighten up the room with some fun pattern in your rug.

6. Not Using a Rug Pad

Rug pads help with stopping the rug from sliding and slipping, and it also gives you an extra comfort layer while walking on it, especially if you’re buying a rug with a flat weave. Don’t use rug tape. It won’t work, and chances are your beautiful hardwood floors are going to be ruined due to the adhesive.

7. Not Looking for Bargains

If you’re looking for a rug but you’re afraid that it’s going to be too expensive, don’t forget to look at sites such as online auctions and other discount websites. There are some great websites where you can find area rugs for a great price.

If you are planning to buy an area rug, remember these seven mistakes and avoid making them. Otherwise you may find that you have made a very expensive mistake, and you’re regretting your decision.

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Claudia Leah is the owner of Decorating Den Interiors. A native of Germany, she’s worked as a interior decorating specialist since 2000. Claudia offers interior decorating services many areas of Southwest Florida including Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, and Marco Island.

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